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Imagine 2022 was a magical festival. There were many things that stood out at Imagine,
some including: the magical performers, the various displays of art and sculptures and the
banger line up. Along with those things, Imagine had its share of fire, lasers and festival


“I was supposed to go to Imagine last year, it definitely lead up to this. I am not disappointed” -
Mike Owens - Festival Goer

Held on September 15th-18th, festival goers were lead to Kingston Downs. This venue
showcased woodlands, open fields and a solid spot for Imagine’s vision. It held three stages:
Oceania, Amazonia and Disco Inferno. Along with these, Imagine also had a pool during the
day, which added to the experience.

Again, the line up came in full force. It was stacked and had suited to attendees needs. Some
of these included: Excision, Griz, Illenium, Kaskade, Madeon, Subtronics and soo many more.
Bass Planet had a blast covering Imagine and highly recommend our audience to check it out
for the future.

Please check out their website for 2023 tickets and more content at: https://
Also check out their socials for more Imagine 2022 content at: @imaginemusicfestival

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