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Suwannee Hulaween, the 9th edition, was the most unique festival the team has shot this year. It was held at Suwannee Music Park, a forest in Florida, which had its share of lasers and pyro that lit up the skies. 

We were constantly greeted by festival goers saying, “Happy Hula”, which says a lot about the character of the attendees and the overall environment we were in. Many were dressed in costumes, rightfully so, as the venue was a great choice to hold a Halloween experience. Along with a pretty wide genre of music performances, Suwannee Hulaween had many displays of beautiful art and “scary” sculptures that made us feel immersed in the season. The name of the stages are as follows: The Meadow, The Hallows, The Amphitheatre and Spirit Lake. With names like those, one can just imagine what fun we got into that weekend.


“I go to a lot of festivals every year, but Hula always feels different.” 


*Bailey Owens, Suwannee Hulaween goer of 3 years*


Again, Suwannee Hulaween had many varying genres performing - one stage there would be headbanging EDM, while another would have a band, like The String Cheese Incident, performing a cover of a classic song. Our personal favorite performances had to be Nghtmre featuring Gigantic, Fisher, Jauz, Liquid Stranger, Louis the Child, Off The Trees and JID. Nghtmre featuring Gigantic, Fisher, Jauz, Liquid Stranger, Louis the Child, Off The Trees had the audience headbanging hard, while JID, went with the southern rap performance that left many with their mouths open throughout the set. 


Our team at Bass Planet had such a great time at Hula. This Halloween festival definitely left us with Goosebumps. We highly recommend our audience to consider Hula for their Halloween plans for the future.


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