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Bass Planet had the opportunity to cover Gold Rush 2022 Neon Dreams. This was our 2nd year shooting the festival. The addition of Neon Dreams to the Gold Rush name stayed true, as there were many lights with a retro feel. This, along with the Arizona surroundings, made Gold Rush its own unique experience.


Can YOU dig it?

It was held on October 7th till through the 9th, at Phoenix Raceway in Avondale - Arizona. The venue, held right outside of the raceway, had three mainstages: Paradise Prairie, Coyote Cove and Moonrise. There were many art pieces and things to do, but our favorite touch was the rollerblading rink. This is where you could see people rolling through, falling on their butt and smiling throughout. Watching people rollerblade in their raving outfits was an experience of its own.


“You having fun man!? Gold Rush has been killing it the last two years, right!?” - Andrew Nguyen, Attendee 


The main hashtag of Gold Rush was #canyoudigit, the attendees and performers did just that. Seven Lions, Rezz, Excision, Troyboi and Kaskade were some of our personal favorite sets, but the whole line up did come out to play. 


Again, this is our 2nd year shooting Gold Rush, which shows how much we enjoy coming out to the west to attend this festival. We would like all to experience the same, so we truly recommend our audience to check out and consider Gold Rush for the future.


Please check out their website for more content and future tickets at:


Also check out their socials at: @goldrushfestaz

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