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Welcome to Bass Planet! A Toronto based media company and label founded in 2018. Bass Planet is run by three guys that are just like you, heavy dubstep and bass music lovers. After years of dedication to our favorite artists, and realizing we had the ability to positively impact the community we decided to contribute in our own way. Bass Planet is split into two main avenues, Media and Collective.


Bass Planet Media provides photography, videography, and after movie services for a variety of different occasions from local shows to international festivals. We are all about community, and have been honored to serve Toronto and beyond capturing the best moments bass music has to offer. 


Our newest project, Bass Planet Collective is a label we created to showcase lesser known or underground artists that haven’t gotten the recognition they deserve! Our goal with the Collective is to collaborate with artists from start to finish, helping with releases, visuals, and cover art. 


We work together as a team, each and every one of us contributes to both Media and Collective in their own ways!


Denis Pasagic | Co Founder/ Collective Manager

Denis, one of our co founders, is our go to guy when it comes to anything Bass Planet Collective! He is dedicated to finding the newest sounds, and will scour sound cloud forever to find the perfect fit for the collective.. you can pretty much catch him at any moment with at least 35 SoundCloud tabs open! He helps to coordinate releases on the collective, and shoots photos at live shows! 

Garrett Watkins | Administrative Coordinator

Garrett (or as we like to call him, G) is our go to guy for the business side of BPM. He coordinates our merch (coming soon!), and also handles the fun things like finances. At live shows, Garrett works with Joe to photograph events - having an entire foot of height on the crowd really comes in handy! 

Interested in joining the team? Shoot us an email and we'll be in touch! 

Joe Goodis | Co Founder/ Media Director

Joe, our other co founder, runs our live photography and videography work. Whether it be in the crowd, on stage, or editing - Joe makes sure the team is always prepared to capture the perfect moment. He handles most of our social posting, merch, and some of our cover art! Looking for Joe at a show? Look Up. He's probably the one hanging from the ceiling just so he can get the perfect shot. 

Lauren Rainville | Web Editor

Lauren is our resident life of the party, and also handles our website! Aside from that, you’ll find her with the boys at every event (probably holding equipment) or helping to edit photos!

Have a demo you want us to hear? Submit your application here! 

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